Sports Physical Therapy

Our Seattle-based physical therapists have first-hand experience in soccer, cross-country and alpine skiing, baseball/softball, basketball, pond hockey, running, ultimate frisbee / disc golf, lacrosse, rowing, snowboarding, mountain biking, pilates, yoga, and cycling.
In addition to personal sport experience, our physical therapists have experience working with folks who enjoy pole dancing, playing cricket, playing tennis, and who practice a variety of martial arts. If there’s an activity our team is not directly familiar with, we work with you to learn your technique goals and integrate biomechanical efficiencies into your form to achieve optimum efficiency.
Our physical therapists Deb, Kathleen, and Kerry have their Strengthen and Conditining Specalist Certification (CSCS) and Deb is certified in Functional Movement Screen (FMS) levels 1-2.

Ask your physical therapist about incorporating Blood Flow Restriction training into your treatment plan.

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One of our core values at Sage Physical Therapy is continuing education. Our team has taken continuing education courses on running mechanics, Cross Fit lifting, training for agility and speed, return to sport testing, ACL injury and post-operative rehabilitation, and treating overhead athletes.
Do you have a specific question related to your personal injury or discomfort? Send us a call, text, or email. We respond in less than 1 hour during business hours.