Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy for All Genders

The anatomy of the pelvic floor, regardless of one’s sex, is more similar than it is different. Both the female and male pelvic floor have a urethra and rectum, the female pelvic floor also has an additional opening called the vagina. Another key difference is that the female pelvis is wider than the male pelvis. Other than that, anatomically, the female and male pelvic floor look and function in very similar ways.
We also provide pelvic floor services for the LGBTQ+ community – before and after gender affirming surgery.
Coccyx Pain
Dyspareunia (Painful Intercourse)
Erectile Dysfunction
Groin/Testicular Pain
Interstitial Cystitis
Painful Bladder Syndrome
Pelvic Organ Prolapse
Pelvic Pain
Post Hysterectomy
Post Prostatectomy
Pudendal Neuralgia
Sacroiliac Joint Pain
Urinary Incontinence
Vulvar Vestibulitis

Please Note: this is only a partial list of the pelvic floor physical therapy services offer. Contact us if you have questions about your specific discomfort or diagnosis.

The Value of Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Through physical therapy, our goal is to identify if the pelvic floor muscles are too mobile or too stable, and how that influences bowel and bladder function, sexual health, and pelvic pain. This is done through a combination of manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, biofeedback, education, and functional re-training.