Sports physical therapy is not only effective after you’ve been injured, but it can also help to prevent injury or help to identify areas that need strengthening to give you the performance boost you are looking for.
Performance enhancement and reducing injury can both be accomplished in Sports Physical Therapy by improving efficiency and increasing capacity (i.e. strength, power, speed, or endurance).
Improving efficiency reduces stress on compensating tissues and when paired with increasing your capacity, you can experience an increase in your body’s ability and an increase in the stress it can tolerate.
A Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is an assessment tool that consists of seven fundamental movement patterns that reveal where there are imbalances in mobility and stability.
Biomechanics Training includes analysis and training of daily life, work, and sports patterns to get you to perform more efficiently and reduce injury risk. This may include:

Gait & Running 

Sports-specific biomechanics



Functional strength and stability

Recovery and resiliency

The Value of Functional Movement Screen & Biomechanics Training

By going through The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) components you will learn where your body may be limited. As well as, ways to efficiently and effectively target these areas to improve your functional performance and reduce injury risk.
Biomechanics is key in finding movement patterns that feel best for your individual body when achieving your goals.