Pre- and Post- Operative Physical Therapy

At Sage Physical Therapy, our physical therapists will develop an individualized treatment plan that is specific to your post surgery goals. Generally, post-operative physical therapy is divided into three stages. First, immediately after surgery the goal is to reduce pain and swelling. Second, the goal is to improve range of motion, stability, and function. Finally, the goal is for you reach your pre- surgery activity level.
The goal of physical therapy before your surgery is education. Our physical therapists can help prepare your body for surgery by strengthening the muscles near your injury. Additionally, our physical therapists can help you better understand where you may feel discomfort post surgery and how to avoid compensating because of this discomfort.
Physical therapy is an important component after any orthopedic surgery. Our physical therapists work with your surgeon to guarantee your rehabilitation program promotes a fast recovery and long-lasting healing. Physical therapy may be beneficial for a variety of orthopedic surgeries including, but not limited too:

The Value of Pre- and Post- Operative Physical Therapy

Benefits of post- operative physical therapy include:

  • Promoting healing in tissues and reducing swelling around injury
  • Regaining joint mobility
  • Regaining strength
  • Reduce scar tissue formation
  • Posture, balance, and coordination training
  • Pain control & management
Ask your physical therapist about incorporating Blood Flow Restriction training into your treatment plan.