A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) that occurs from a bump or jolt to the head, neck, or body causing a disruption in normal brain functioning. Sustaining a concussion and navigating the road to recovery can be challenging because the injury is not one that can be easily seen (no broken bone or bruise).
At Sage Physical Therapy in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, we take concussion patients through a three-part rehabilitation process to tackle the range of symptoms they may be experiencing.

Vestibular Therapy

Retrain and stabilize the inner ear system and it’s connections to the eyes and brain. The goal is to decrease dizziness, nausea, mental fogginess, and balance disruptions. 

Manual Therapy

Restore mobility and function to the cervical spine through joint mobilization, muscle energy techniques, and myofascial release. 

Aerobic Conditioning 

Cardiovascular exercise in a heart-rate controlled environment can positively improve the overall wellbeing of a concussion patient. A gradual, graded increase in aerobic conditioning is incorporated into concussion rehabilitation. 
Concussion Physical Therapy

The Value of Concussion Physical Therapy

Recovery from a concussion requires a team of healthcare providers that range from primary care to neuropsychology. At Sage Physical Therapy in Seattle, we help facilitate recovery by committing to communicate with each member of a patient’s healthcare team to help patients restore function and achieve their goals.