Postpartum Physical Therapy

Postpartum Recovery

Just had a baby? I have! There are SO many changes that your body goes through after birthing your sweet babe…physically, mentally, and emotionally. And can we talk about that lack of sleep?! Oh, what I would give for a well-rested night!

Navigating your body after a baby can be new, different, and scary. I want to talk about a few ways that physical therapy can help 😊

First off, let’s get right to the point…Vaginas. Having your bundle of joy pass through the birth canal is far from glamorous. Trauma to the vaginal tissues is common and perineal tearing can occur up to 80% of the time. Leakage with coughing or sneezing? Painful sex? Feeling pressure or fullness down there? PT can help! Pelvic floor muscle weakness, incontinence, and pelvic pain can all be addressed with physical therapy. 

Now that you are suddenly carrying around an 8lb tiny human all.the.time, how’s your back? Shoulders? Neck? The repetitive lifting and bending from the crib, changing table, and floor can take a toll on these areas. Add that to boobs filled with milk and always wanting to look down at your adorable newborn’s face can cause some seriously bad posture and pain. Or in my husband’s case, a major episode of sciatica! (A good reminder this change in routine and posture happens to partners too.) Musculoskeletal injuries are PTs’ bread and butter, but we, at Sage Physical Therapy, can help address these needs with the postpartum perspective you deserve.

So, the doctor clears you at 6 weeks to return to…life, now what?! This can be such a confusing time for new mamas who want to exercise but are feeling like their bodies are just not the same. I can totally relate. After my first baby, I was cleared at 6 weeks to exercise and was so happy to get out for that first run, only to find that OUCHHH!! My pelvis was nowhere near ready for what my mind thought I could do. In addition, this can place you at increased risk for other injuries. At Sage PT, we can help jumpstart your return to fitness by implementing deep abdominal strengthening with hip and pelvic stability. We can guide you on when to run again, lift those kettlebells, or reach any fitness goals you may have while considering the many changes your body has experienced.

Birthed your baby by C-section? No problem! PT can help, tremendously, with that pesky scar, correct lifting techniques when the doctor warns you against lifting anything heavier than your baby (but wait, that car seat, though??) and pelvic floor muscle weakness.

Postpartum recovery is an overwhelming time. Let physical therapy be a part of it. We are here for you, mama!

Written by Kerry DeGaetani, PT, DPT, SCS. Kerry has a Certificate of Achievement in Obstetrics Physical Therapy and is the proud mama of two, spirited kiddos, ages 3 and 1 😊